Cattle with mineral shortages or imbalances do poorly in reproduction, lactation, weight gains, body condition, etc. – all the factors that affect your profitability, but most mineral deficiencies don’t show obvious symptoms until it’s too late. Learn more about cattle minerals and take advantage of savings during this meeting.

Join Bar None Country Store & McGregor General Store on Tuesday, February 19th at McGregor General Store for our 2013 Cattle Mineral Meeting & Pasture Chemical Seminar. Don’t miss this great opportunity to save on cattle minerals and chemicals for your pastures. Speakers include Jeff  Conner with Purina Animal Nutrition, Brian Hupp with Central Life Science and Jerry George with Red River Specialties.

Free Dinner at 6 pm. Meeting begins at 6:30 pm

Please RSVP at  (254) 840-3224 or online below.


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