Now is the time to add protein to your deer’s diet.  The bucks are growing antlers and the does are having babies. They need the additional nutrition and protein to stay healthy, especially in areas with less forage. Stop by Bar None Country Store for your AntlerMax products. Do you have questions about feeding deer? We can help, our trained staff can point you to the right feed for your deer and land.

A 20%-protein pelleted ration designed to enhance the deer’s natural forage diet. Formulated with patented AntlerMax® Technology.

  • Improves antler size and mass and improves body condition.
  • Optimum reproductive performance and strong healthy fawns.
  • Proprietary AntlerMax® Mineral – optimal antler growth, density and strength.
  • Highly palatable – strong proprietary flavor attracts deer and elk.
  • To be fed free-choice with adequate forage or quality hay.
  • Feed from February through August