Mulch2Now is the time to fertilize, plant and protect. It’s time for…mulch!

Bar None carries a large variety of mulch including cedar mulch, black colored mulch and cypress mulch.

Cedar Mulch
Cedar Mulch is shredded and has a reddish-brown color and pleasing aroma. It contains cedar oil and therefore lasts longer than most mulches. Because Cedar Mulch has a fibrous texture, it tends to hold together on sloped surfaces.

Black Colored Mulch
Black mulch looks superb in any bright garden where there is lots of color and variety. However, beyond its recognizable aesthetic value, black mulch serves many purposes. Among the most important, black mulch will warm up your soil temperature providing you with an earlier harvest – anywhere from 7-14 days. This is an excellent choice for early gardeners. Black mulch is also known to have great water retention benefits, which makes it a great choice for those plants that need lots of hydration.

Cypress Mulch
Cypress mulch is organic and made from pond cypress trees and bald cypress trees. One of the benefits of cypress mulch is that it is less expensive than many other organic mulches and shredded cypress is even more cost-effective. As cypress mulch decomposes, it adds nutrients to the soil. Some organic mulches change the pH of the soil as they decompose, however cypress mulch is neutral and does not change the soil’s pH level as it decomposes.

We also carry fertilizers including triple 13 which is great for more general growth or leafy plants and flowers; and 10-20-10 which is good for your vegetable garden.

Come see us and we’ll help you stock up on exactly what you need.