dog housesIt might not be rocket science, but there are some creative ways you can help your pets stay warm during the chilly winter months. Here are some helpful tips:

  1. Do not shave them in the winter – whether your pet lives primarily indoors or outdoors, they need their fur to insulate them from the sharp Texas plains winds. Let them grow their coats throughout the winter months.
  2. Get them a doghouse – It seems simple, but some people forget that dog houses are the perfect place for your pet to curl up (even if they’re not dogs).
  3. Make a bed of hay or straw – If you a doghouse or a place for them to sleep, make them a bed out of hay or straw. It’s a natural insulation and will give them plenty of comfort and warmth.
  4. Use a heat lamp – The heat from a heat lamp is a sure way to give your furry friend the warmth they deserve on those chilly winter days and nights. Come pick one up at Bar None. We have plenty in stalk, along with a variety of light bulbs.

Everything mentioned above is available at Bar None Country Store. Additionally, we also have horse blankets and many other items that protect pets and other animals all winter long.

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