noble outfitters kennel wash wound careWith over 100+ uses, NEW Noble Outfitters Kennel Wash and Wound Care+ for small animals are now available at Bar None Country Store.  

Noble Outfitters Kennel Wash will change the way you think about cleaning your livestock and their surroundings! The formula is deep penetrating and thoroughly cleans areas prone to pathogens, viruses, bacteria and fungus. It works to neutralize odor and reduce fly exposure, prevent Parvovirus is laboratory tested as well as Veterinarian approved. Unlike traditional toxic sanitizing steps such as bleach or chlorine, Noble Outfitters® All-Purpose Kennel Wash is made from non-toxic, food-grade safe ingredients. This proudly made in the USA product cleans on contact and is fragrance and dye free. It is safe if ingested and has zero re-entry time.

Also, NEW at Bar None Country Store is Noble Outfitters Wound Care+.  Iwill assist in the recovery process of the injured animal. Veterinarian recommended proprietary formulation improves wound cleanliness and enhances recovery time on all animals. Noble Outfitters® Wound Care is made from non-toxic, food-grade safe ingredients. It is safe to use in animal’s eyes, ears, nose and mouth, even on the most sensitive animals!