omnis complete performance hay cubes“While there are many hay cubes out there…there is only one Omnis Complete Performance!

That is right, no other hay cube compares. Omnis is a one-of-a-kind formula that combines premium alfalfa, heavy Northern oats, and Canadian flax. This provides not only the best forage available, but also gives your horse increased energy and vitality, enhanced athletic performance, and illustrious shine, and reduces inflammation while speeding up recovery time (just to name a few). It is truly all natural and non-GMO!”

We’ve had lots and lot of customers ask and we were finally able to get the Omnis Complete Performance Hay Cubes made by Danco Forage Inc. Bar None Country Store and our sister store in McGregor, McGregor General Store are excited to be new dealers for the Omnis Complete Performance Cube from Danco Forage.  Each 50lb. bag will sell for $14.75 or buy a pallet for $14.25 per bag.

Learn more by visiting the Danco Forage Inc. Facebook page here.

Source: Danco Forage Inc.