Purina Organic chicken feedIt’s here!!! NEW Purina Organic Chicken Feed! NO GMOs, NO animal by-products, NO artificial preservatives, and like all other Purina chicken feeds, NO growth hormones. The complete line of certified USDA Organic chicken feeds are made with all the ingredients you want and none of those you don’t.  What does it mean to be organic? “Organic ingredients cannot be fertilized with chemical fertilizers, treated with insecticides/fungicides/pesticides, etc. and cannot be genetically modified. Organic feed products cannot contain chemical preservatives, medications, hormones or animal by-products. It takes a minimum of three years to become certified as a producer of plant or animal organic products. Products certified as organic will carry a seal or statement from the certifying agency that verifies their authenticity.”

We have Starter Grower, Layer pellets and crumbles, plus Scratch Grains.

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Source: Purina Mills

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