game fish chow fish feedWith the blessing of the much needed rain this past spring, we all are thankful for the rising pond levels. Bar None Country Store stocks Purina Game Fish Chow and AquaMax fish feed. Game Fish Chow® is an extruded, multi-particle size product designed to be fed to a wide range of fish species and sizes of fish. This floating diet makes it easy to visually manage feeding, resulting in less waste and improved water quality. Game Fish Chow® is a 32% protein diet formulated with a strong attractant for increased palatability, top digestibility and improved overall health. Looking for a multi-species fish feed, Game Fish Chow is it.

AquaMax-Sport-FishPurina’s AquaMax is “the” feed for those carnivorous and omnivorous fish common in our ponds and tanks local in our area. Want to catch huge largemouth bass and not have to wait so long for them to grow?  Help them along with AquaMax. AquaMax® fish diets have been formulated for optimum nutrient delivery to a wide number of fish species. With complete nutrition, fish have better performance and maintain good health and resistance to disease.

Stop by Bar None Country Store and let show you how easy it is to grow great game fish.