deer feeders 7Believe it or not, we are a few short months from the opening of deer season in Texas. Now is the time that we start to focus on getting our deer feeders out, filled, and set up on the deer lease.  We just stocked up on the latest deer feeders from All Season Feeders.  Made in Texas, All Seasons Feeders are designed and constructed to last “all season long”.

The PINK Stand & Fill broadcast feeder is the newest line of feeders brought to you by All Seasons Feeders.  Made with the ladies in mind, 5% of the proceeds of the PINK feeders will go to benefit breast cancer research and awareness! Also included with purchase is a PINK ball cap.

The NEW Inhawgnito, hog light and feeder remote, just arrived at Bar None Country Store.  It will activate your feeder and the lights in one remote with a distance up to 200 yards.  It comes with mounting hardware, turns off after 3o min when activated with the remote, and has many more features.

Stop in and check out our new stock of deer feeders, the Inhawgnito, the new Pink feeders from All Seasons and get your AntlerMax deer protein feed to fill it up.