pipesWhether one reads and puts much trust in the Farmer’s Almanac or not, this year they were “spot on” in forecasting a milder summer. With that said, the same almanac is forecasting a colder, wetter winter.  Regardless, winter is fast approaching. Colder weather means proper readiness around the house and barn will be essential to preventing those water mishaps.  Freezing temperatures and water in unprotected pipes is never a good mix.  Therefore, Bar None Country Store always stocks plenty of supplies to prevent those frozen pipes and thawing leaks.

pipe insulationThe best way to get ready is to take a look around your property.  Look for any exposed water lines and pipes.  A simple six foot stick of pipe insulation and a little duct tape goes a long way.  Make sure all pipes are covered and wrap.  Always disconnect water hoses and cover faucets with a simple faucet cover.  Pay close attention to water lines on the north side for they, typically, freeze first.  Turn the water off to buildings and supply lines not used during the winter weeks and drain. Finally, in the event of electrical outage or heat loss, open the cabinet doors under sinks allow as much heat under the cabinets as possible.

Simple helps and tips that can make all the difference in the world.  With proper pipe insulation and a little preparedness, life is much more pleasant.  Stop by today and let us help you get ahead of the cold, it’s on its way.