winterAs the leaves blow and the temperature remains below 50 degrees for the second full week, the reality begins to set in, winter is still here.  The occasional sunny day reminds us, we do live in Texas and the weather is ever changing.  However, sometimes it just doesn’t seem fast enough.  During the summer, we speak of longing for the cooler winter days and now that we are in them, we speak of summer.  Regardless whether one enjoys the cool winter days or longs for them to depart, winter is here. And not only is it here but it is here to stay for a while.  Therefore, with that in mind, let me remind you to remain diligent keeping the winter habits in check.

Take a few moments to think through the three P’s:

Pipes – Make sure all exposed pipes are insulated and covered.  Double check those garden hose faucet covers.  They have a tendency to blow off, get pulled off or taken off and forgotten to be put back on.  Drain all water lines of excess water when not used continually during winter months.

Pets – Winter is especially hard on all animals, household pets and farm friends alike.  Be sure all have plenty of feed and fresh water readily available.  For those animals that require bedding, fresh straw is one of the best insulating bedding materials available.  Small animals like our canine friends and feathered friends could always use a heat lamp to keep them cozy during the frigid day and nights we continue to have.  Keeping feed, water, and clean dry bedding are the basic, “must do’s” for our pets.

Plants – Yep, we need to remember them.  When the temperatures drop, think through those plants that need to be brought in or covered up.  Most time just a simple overturned bucket on one’s plant or blankets/sheets over those tender plants keep will them out of the harsh frigid wind that can cause damage and death to those luscious leafy plants.

Winter’s here but don’t fret, we just have three more months of it…sorry.  Stop in to Bar None Country Store and let us help you through the next few months.